Save telephone costs - VoIP telephony for your offices

Telephoning via the internet:

  • minimize costs
  • unburden your landlines
  • optimize your localized communication

VoIP telephony is considerably cheaper than more common methods. The cost for international calls is significantly cheaper via VoIP. If you have multiple offices spread into different locations and you all use the same VoIP provider the communication is free.

Location independent communication

You have a work space? No problem - no matter where you are: You can log in to your IP-telephone with your access code and are reachable on your landline number.

For international companies:

  • Country-phone numbers in varying countries
  • Locally reachable for customers in foreign countries
  • No foreign call charges for your customers

Should your company have international clientele, you should set up international telephone numbers for your customers. Thus the customer can dial the number in their own country and they to not need to pay extra for foreign calls. Customers use this service a lot more because they can have undisturbed and longer conversations without having to worry about high expenses. The CRMADDON Factory GmbH has this as well! Look into our imprint!

Hardware: TAPI-able SNOM-telephones for VoIP telephony

Software: The software for managing your telephone calls on your computer.