SNOM M65 Handset

A handheld version of SNOM telephones

    • Handset including loading dock
    • Works with SNOM M700/M300 base stations
    • 17h of call-time
    • 250h standby
    • 2 antennae included for better reception

Ready for shipping

151,57 $

The luxurious version of office mobility

200-250 hours of standby time - meaning you can carry the device with you for 10 days without having to reload the batteries. With multiple language options and comfortable and intuitive menu structure you can fully concentrate on your telephone calls and customers.


  • Battery
    • Type: Lithium-ion, 1100mAh, 3.7V, 4.1 W
    • Call-time in broad band: Up to 16 hours
    • Call-time in standard: Up to 18 hours
    • Stand-by-time: Ca. 200-250 hours (10 days)
  • Power supply
    • In: 100-240 AC Volt, 50/60 Hz, 250mA
    • Out: 5.5V DC, 600mA
  • Charger
    • In: 5,5V DC, 600mA
    • Connection: 5.5 mm DC connector
  • Display
    • 5 cm diagonal
    • 176 x 220 Pixel
    • 262K TFT Color-LCD with backlight
    • 8 lines, hight 16 pixels/line, 16 digits/line: 1 status line, 6 lines for┬ámenus and┬ácontext, 1 line for variable function buttons

Telephone functions with M700 base station

  • Two parallel calls
  • Telephone directory with 100 entries
  • Global telephone directory (access via local directory of base station or multi cell installation or from external directory via LDAP)
  • 8 speed dial-numbers (number buttons 2 - 9)
  • Caller-ID
  • Redial (list of dialed numbers)
  • Call waiting
  • Automatic call acceptance
  • Call lists (all conversations, missed, accepted, dialed calls), 50 entries in total
  • Hold
  • Toggle
  • Call transfer
  • Conversation tranfer
  • Conference call
  • Do-not-disturb-mode (not available)
  • Suppress own caller-ID
  • Notification for missed calls
  • Voice mail display (MWI)
Delivery Postal delivery
Hardware type Indoor mobile VoIP telephone
System requirements VoIP telephone system, M700 base station

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