SNOM 821 Telephone

SNOM 821 Telephone

VoIP-technology paired with extravagant design

    • High definition color display
    • 12 lines
    • WLAN-ready
    • Speaker phone
    • Power cord inkluded
    • Caller ID
    • TAPI-able

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147,70 $

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Top-class VoIP telephony

Quality that pays off

Telephony is the most important part of customer contact - except for personal meetings most companies count on telephonic communication to convey information. If there is a lot of telecommunication the telephone system has to work without fail, the connection has to be good and when the speaking quality is perfect then there is nothing left to be desired.

A TAPI driver is special

Imagine you get a notification on your screen for incoming calls. How quiet would offices be if there were no ringing telephones? You manage your calls with a TAPI-driver, manage your waiting calls and have a clear overview of accepted, rejected, waiting or past telephone conversations.

Why this model?

SNOM 320 as well as SNOM 821 are TAPI-able. That means you can manage them from your computer with a TAPI-driver. Accept incoming calls with one click or switch between waiting calls back and forth with the option to connect them to a conference call.

Delivery Postal delivery
Hardware type VoIP telephone
System requirements VoIP telephone system

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