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is an online payment service, which allows you to easily, quickly and securely purchase from online shops - for free. If you do not have a PayPal account, you can create one here:

PayPal payments are:

  • Easy: Payments are handled with two clicks. All you need is your PayPal sign-in information.
  • Secure: You bank or credit card information do not have to be declared on the internet for every purchase and instead are deposited in yoour PayPal account.
  • Schnell: PayPal-payments are processed quickly so that you receive your purchased products quickly.

Credit cards

Secure and comfortable payment with a credit card. We do not save your credit card information in our shop.

We would like to inform you that US credit cards have a standard National Only option. National Only stops you from purchasing outside the US. In general US credit cards are rejected when used in European online shops. Usually the shop system can not differentiate between problems and simply rejects the payment option. Please contact us if you have already opted out of the Nation Only program (your bank can do this) and the problem persists.


Most of our products are software and thus are available as downloads. Please contact us for shipping information for hardware products.

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