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Privacy Statement

Die englische Übersetzung der Datenschutzerklärung wurde mit größter Sorgfalt erarbeitet. Wir verweisen aber ausdrücklich auf die in deutsch formulierte Datenschutzerklärung.

The English translation of the privacy policy has been prepared with the utmost care. However, we refer expressly to the privacy statement formulated in German.

The trust of our customers and prospects in the protection of their personal data in our house is the basis for a trusting and mutually beneficial cooperation. The protection of your personal data is therefore of central concern to us.

We want you to know:

• which personal data we collect and save
• what we use it for
• who we pass it on to out of which reasons
• how we protect them
• how you can delete, block and correct them
• how you can revoke your consent to the storage and processing

Personal data are - according to German federal law – individual details about personal and factual circumstances of a definite or indefinite natural person. These are, for example, your name, your address, your phone number and your e-mail address.

We take the legal requirements regarding privacy seriously and fulfill them for all of the countries we are doing business in.

This privacy statement is valid for this website and all of our other websites that refer to this declaration, usually with a link.

The introduction of new services, products, laws and requirements as well as the advancement of internet and technology need – where appropriate – an adjustment of this privacy statement. For that, we reserve the right to an adjustment. We will publish an edited privacy statement in this place. You should inform yourself regularly about the current valid version of this privacy statement.

Usage of our website

You can use our website to a great extent without giving out personal data. For certain offers, for example ordering a newsletter or a product we will collect the personal data that is necessary for processing the order. In addition to that, you have the opportunity to enter more personal data, this is on a voluntary basis.

Intention of use

We collect, save and process your personal data only for the purposes you gave us consent for, for example upon entering personal data on our website. Subsequent changes of the purpose need your explicit consent as long as the changes cannot be made according to valid legislation.

When entering your data you might be asked if we can inform you about the following:

• Offers
• New products and services
• Updates, upgrades and safety patches
• System extensions
• Special offers
• Other services and information you might be interested in

You can veto the usage of your data for these purposes at any time.

Transfer to a third party

We do not hand your personal data over to third parties unless

• it is needed to fulfill the purpose you handed them us over for, for example when we use service providers for certain services or processing of a contract
• we are legally forced to do so
• you gave us the explicit consent for it

If we need services from a third party for certain things then we will only give them the data they need to perform this service. The external service provider is only allowed to use your personal data for this purpose and has to delete your personal data as soon as the service was provided.

The legal relationship to the service provider is according to valid data protection regulations.

If you buy a product or a service from a third party via our website for which the transfer of your personal data is necessary we will ask you for your consent during the order process. This is necessary, for example, for creating licenses for products by the Act! producer Swiftpage.

Revocation of approval

You can always revoke your consent for saving and processing your personal data.

Deleting and blocking

Deleting or blocking your personal data will happen when

• you revoke your consent for saving them
• the data will not be needed anymore for the purposes you gave them us for
• saving it would not be valid legally

Data that is needed for processing current orders and for settlements and accounting will not be deleted. The retention period for such data according to commercial and tax law is up to 10 years.

Saving, processing and transfering personal data because of entitled interest on our side

We reserve the rights on saving, processing and transfering personal data for the assertion and enforcement of claims and for the defence of illegal acts and fraud attempts.

Using techniques to analyze visitor traffic on our website and usage of cookies

We would like to understand the interests and wishes of our customers on our website better to offer them the best service possible. Which pages are you specifically interested in? Which not so much? Which regions are our visitors from? Which browser do they use? Is there a connection between the browser and error messages?

Out of this reason we save your anonymous IP address and use cookies and further technology with which help we can gather this information. In the following we will explain the usage in detail.
We use your IP address, your browser type and maybe other data that you provided:

• for analyzing malfunctions
• for quality assurance
• for providing optimized services, for example for click-to-chat and click-to-call
• for administration of our website
• to find out which of our pages are accessed and which information users are interested in to offer our users an optimized range of information

We only collect this data anonymised and will not compare them to the profil data of a registered user as long as we do not have a separate consent of the particular user.
Cookies are small text files that can be sent to the browser of a user, saved by the browser and sent back to the server of the website. They are for identifaction of a user and make it possible to have user specific websites, for example via a user login. You also enable us to analyze your user behaviour and website usage, that way the number of users for a website can be found out with cookies because different users can be distinguished with those cookies and several clicks on a page by one user in a single session can be substracted. The aim of this analysis is the optimization of the range of information for our users.

We usually use session cookies, these will be deleted automatically by your browser once you leave the website again. We also use permanent cookies, these stay in your cookie storage and are not automatically deleted after you leave the website. Permanent cookies improve the user experience since – upon reloading the website – they enable the identification of a user and make previous settings available again.
Cookies are no danger for your system. In your browser, you can change it yourself if and which cookies are accepted, and you can delete cookies by yourself.

In case you recline cookies there might be options on the website that are not available for you. This especially applies to the features you have to be logged in for.

The saving and collecting of cookies and other data mentioned in this section happens according to DSGVO article 6 sub paragraph 1 letter f . We have a valid interest in it to be able to operate our website without mistakes, to enable an optimized usage for our users and to provide certain services for them.

Example: E-mail address

When you send us a request, for example, and enter your e-mail address we use it only to contact you via e-mail for the purpose of your request, as long as you did not give us any more rights. We will not give your e-mail address to third parties.

Example: Newsletter

You want to subscribe to a newsletter without having to login previously. For that, you have to enter your e-mail address. We will check with the double-opt-in procedure if you really are the owner of this e-mail address. For that, we will send an e-mail with a confirmation link to the e-mail address entered. If you follow this link you agree that we can send the particular newsletter to you in the future.

We save the e-mail address and the authorisation for dispatch. If you have not given us any further authorisation we will use your e-mail address only for the purpose of sending this newsletter.

You can always cancel receiving the newsletter, for that there is a link for unsubcribing in every newsletter. Alternatively you can send an e-mail with your request to

Example: Registering for events

If you register for events via our website then we will use – if you have not given us any further consent – your personal data only for the processing of the event, meaning for information, organisation, implementation, settlement and accounting, as long as they are necessary for this purpose.

Registering for third party services

If you have registered for third party services we are allowed to pass on the data that is needed for service delivery to those third parties.

Safety of personal data

Your personal data is protected by us against the abuse from third parties with the use of modern safety procedures. Our staff was informed about the handling of personal data and is bound by a confidentiality agreement to appropriate behaviour.

Links to websites of third parties

On our website we have links to websites of third parties. We carefully selected these websites. Since we do not have any control over these website we do not take responsibility and liability that these websites or the content presented on these websites:

• is correct, complete and updated and in the same condition they were when we published the link
• follows legal provisions
• ensures data protection
• is safe

If you think that we should not link a certain website, for example because the content is wrong or the website is unsafe then we would be happy to receive a message to
This privacy statement does not apply to websites of third parties we published links to.


We save and process collected data on our own servers in our house.

Data security on the internet

The internet was created in a time when data protection hardly played a role. Saving and processing data was expensive and costly, the network was slow, the applications were motsly of academic nature and there were only a few participants. Thus, the transmitted and provided data was hardly protected from reading along, theft and manipulation.

Today, huge chunks of data can be saved and transported easily, cheaply and quickly, and billions of people use the internet. The protection of personal data in particular and of all data in general plays an important role. In ordert o ensure this protection we use modern encryption and signature procedures.

Our website uses a TLS certificate, and you are very welcome to communicate with us via e-mail using S/MIME encryption. Please make sure that your IT infrastructure stays current to enable safe encryption.

You are always welcome to send us confidential information via mail.

Google Analytics

We use Google Analytics. This is a service provided by Google LLC for traffic analysis of websites.
Google Analytics uses cookies on visitors' computers to analyze the use of our website. The analytics collected by cookies are transmitted, stored and processed to Google in the United States. In addition, your IP address will be anonymized and transmitted to Google in the US, stored and processed. In individual cases, your IP address can be transmitted unabridged to Google in the US and is shortened there. The IP address that Google receives from you as part of Google Analytics will not be merged with other Google data.
You may restrict the use of cookies by your browser. In that case, you may not be able to use certain features of our website that require cookies.
Google provides a browser plugin for various browsers, which you can use to prevent data collection and analysis by Google Analytics. You can find this plugin here.
Google evaluates on our behalf the use of our website by you and other users, provides us with this information for the improvement of our website and provides us with further information on the basis of this information to improve our website.
The storage of the cookies created for Google Analytics takes place in accordance with Article 6 subparagraph 1 letter f of the DSGVO and unlimited time unless you delete the cookie.

Google Adwords and visit action evaluation cookies

We use Google AdWords. This is a service provided by Google LLC for online advertising on websites.
This service uses visitor transaction evaluation using cookies. If you click on an ad served by Google, a cookie will be created on your machine if your browser is set accordingly. We use this cookie to let us and Google know that you've clicked on an ad from us.
These cookies expire after 30 days and are not used to identify a user. We can not track any of these cookies. Google provides us with a general statistic with data on how successful our Google-switched advertising is. We can not derive any personal data from the statistics or identify people.
If you do not wish to be aware of these cookies, you may disable all or part of the use of cookies in your browser. You may not be able to use all parts of our website with cookies disabled. More about cookies can be found in the Cookies section of this privacy policy.
The storage of the Google AdWords search action evaluation cookies is based on DSGVO Article 6 (1) (f). We have a legitimate interest in the use of cookies to optimize our website and advertising.
More information about visit action evaluation cookies and Google AdWords can be found here.
Deletion, blocking, correction, information, questions, suggestions and contact with the data protection officer

Do you have any questions or suggestions about privacy? To collect, store, process or use your personal data?
Would you like information about the personal data stored about you? You want to correct, delete or block your personal data or change or withdraw your consent to storage and processing?
You can contact our Privacy Officer for this purpose. There will be no additional charges than those charged by your communications provider (telephone, internet, post office).
Statutory retention periods and legitimate interest on our part, such as the execution of existing contracts, may be precluded by deletion, blocking and correction.
You reach our data protection officer in this way:

Postal: CRMADDON Factory GmbH Privacy Am Bächle 12 86488 Breitenthal

By phone: +49 8282 800400