Automized gathering and data import from web forms

    • Generates leads
    • Qualifies leads
    • contact extraction from online inquiries
    • automatic contact creation from e-mails
    • automatic duplicate-check
    • Categorize contacts
    • Plan follow-ups
    • Individual settings
    • Save e-mails

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FETCH|IT - a solution to generate leads in Act! from online inquiries

Make web inquiries profitable

Inquiries that come from websites are generally deposited in a mailbox or are processed too late. The inquiry that comes from the website is nothing other than a potential buyer, a new customer or a person interested in becoming business partners. These opportunities should not be missed. FETCH|IT can help your system do the work for your, automatized and promptly.

Integration of web inquiries in Act!

Our add-on FETCH|IT offers the possibility for your company to make online inquiries profitable. There is no need for manual transfer to your CRM-system. That way you save time consuming work and avoid information loss as well as transfer mistakes. Duplicates are sorted according to criteria and updated. In addition you can define minimum indications for data to protect your CRM-system from data garbage.

CRM workflow optimization

In combination with our add-on OUTREACH|IT the CRM-workflow can be personalized and automatized all the way to sending information via e-mail or letter. Since the leads can be categorized with FETCH|IT you can send newsletters, new product information or invitations targeted at certain interested parties. You can be sure to only reach only those contacts that have shown interest and the customer does not get that feeling, that general information is simply being heaped on.

React to online-inquiries quickly with FETCH|IT

FETCH|IT shortens your reaction time

FETCH|IT can import structured e-mails, that result from web requests to Act!. The imported data is checked for duplicates and if you require activities can be scheduled for your sales department. This way your reaction time to web requests is sped up.

Categorizing lead inquiries

FETCH|IT can categorize leads according to their information. The Act! contacts are sorted into groups according to their wishes and inquiries. That way you ensure that every potential buyer receives information that he or she is actually interested in. In the first conversation you can already specifically address the customer's wishes. You can enhance service quality.

Save time and work more effectively

FETCH|IT and OUTREACH|IT work very well together which saves you quite some time. The first bits of information is sent shortly after the inquiry is received and without your involvement.

Die Editionen des Addons FETCH|IT

We offer our add-on in the following versions: BASIC, STANDARD, ADVANCED, PROFESSIONAL and ULTIMATE. To see the exact differences please view the funtions table below.

Functional differences between FECTH|IT editions

Import automatically from e-mail
Transfer data automatically in Act!
Add documents to companies and contacts
Create groups and add contacts to these
Add attachments to notes, histories and activities -
Create notes -
Create histories -
Schedule activities -
Schedule follow-ups - -
Create companies and add contacts to these - -
Create parameters to automatically sort e-mails in Act! - -
Create/ update oppertunities - -
Optimized Mode - - - -
MS Excel, MS Access - -
Act! - -
XML - -
My SQL - - -
Navision - - -
E-Mails per week 50 unlimited unlimited unlimited unlimited
Number of e-mail accounts 2 unlimited unlimited unlimited unlimited

* supports SQL

You can upgrade from one edition to a higher edition at any time. When you upgrade to a higher version (e.g. from BASIC to ADVANCED), the value of the previously bought version is credited, we do however charge 15% upgrade fee. Please contact us for more information.

Online help and FAQ's

Additional help and information on FETCH|IT

Online help Knowledgebase

Data sheet and information

PDF's on FETCH|IT for Act!

FETCH|IT product broshure

Updates for Act! add-ons

Add-ons for Act! are registered once at the time of installation for the existing version of Act!. As long as you stay with this Act! version the updates for the add-ons are free of charge. We support only the lasted two Act! Versions. Should you choose to switch to a different Act! version please see the following matrix for re-licensing prices of the add-ons. You only pay the percentage of the current sales price.

From Act! Version
  to Act! Version
Act! v17
Act! v18 Act! v19 Act! v20 Act! v21 Act! v22

Act! v21

90 % 60 % 45 % 30 %    

Act! v22

90 % 75 % 60 % 45 % 30 %  

Act! v23

90 % 90 % 75 % 60 % 45% 30%



  • Within 60 days: free upgrade after initial purchase of the next Act! version.
  • Within 90 days: 15 % of current list price for upgrade after initial purchase of an Act! version. (e.g. Act! v18 to Act! v19)


When upgrading from an add-on edition to a higher edition (e.g. from Basic to Advanced), the previously bought version is credited, we do however charge 15% upgrade fee. Please contact us for more information.

Example for update price

Currently you have 5 add-on licences for Act! v17 .
Now you install the Act! v20 update.

The already engaged add-on is not compatible with the new Act! version. You now have to purchase an update of that add-on for all licences.

The price per update licence for the add-on is 60% of the graduated price for 5 licences.

Delivery Delivery as download
System requirements We always support the latest 3 Act! versions
Software type Modul of DATA|SUITE Version

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