MailStore Server

MailStore Server

Hieb- und stichfeste E-Mail Sicherung auf höchstem Niveau

    • Avoid data loss
    • Filfill legal ramifications
    • Backup & Recovery
    • Use e-mail efficiently
    • Secure PST-files
    • Archiving e-mails from varying sources

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MailStore Server - make your company legally compliant and revision-safe

Mailstore Server helps companies make better use of legal, technical and economical benefits of modern e-mail archiving. MailStore creates perfect copies of all e-mails and saves them to a central e-mail archive and thus ensures security and accessibility of any amount of data for many years. Users can still access their e-mails with Microsoft Outlook, MailStore Web Access or mobile.

Avoid data loss

MailStore Server allows centralized, secure and complete storage of all e-mails for any period of time and offers reliable security from data loss.

Comply with legal ramifications

Certified MailStore Server allows you to fulfill all relevant legal ramifications and offers security for legal disputes.

Easy Backup and Recovery

MailStore Server shortens e-mail server backup and restore time. In Addition lost e-mails can be restored with one click.

Use e-mails efficiently

Users have quicker access to their e-mails from their usual work environment (e.g. Microsoft Outlook).

Secure PST-files

PST-files are error prone and hard to administer. By archiving all PST-files you can avoid this problem permanently.

Archive e-mails from varying sources

  • Microsoft Exchange Server 2003, 2007 und 2010 (inkl. SBS)
  • Hosted Exchange Microsoft Office 365
  • MDaemon Messaging Server
  • Arbitrary IMAP- or POP3- kompatible E-Mail-Server or internet mail boxes
  • PST- and other e-mail-files

Mailstore Server - Secure e-mail archiving

Flexible archiving

MailStore Server supports almost all commonly used e-mail servers, internal mailboxes, e-mail clients and file formats. The archiving strategy can be adjusted to the company's requirements.

  • Archive existing mailboxes, public folders and PST-files
  • Archive all e-mails directly from in-and outbox
  • E-mails can be deleted from mailboxes on rule basis

Scaleable storage technology

Highly developed storage technology is the core of MailStore Server that doesn't require an external database management system and is available right after set-up. MailStore Server puts the entire archive from multiple seperate archive storages together. This concept not only allows for flexible storage management but also guarantees scalability for any data volume and number of users. The archive storage is saved to the file system and doesn't require further configuration.

Reliable compliance

Besides regular certification from an independent auditing company, an extensive technology concept ensures that companies reliably fulfil all legal ramifications with the help of MailStore Server.

  • 100% complete archiving of all e-mails
  • Manipulation security thanks to AES256-encryption, SHA1-Hash-scores and additional measures
  • Configurable retention period
  • Integrated auditing-function ensures protocols and transparency

High performance access for all users

Anwendern steht beim Zugriff auf das Archiv eine leistungsfähige Volltextsuche (auch über beliebige Dateianhänge) oder die gewohnte Ordnerstruktur zur Verfügung. E-Mails können per One-Click-Restore wiederhergestellt oder zum Beantworten bzw. Weiterleiten einfach nur geöffnet werden.

MailStore Outlook Add-In: Zugriff über eine nahtlose Integration in Microsoft Outlook.

MailStore Web Access: Access from any internet browser

MailStore IMAP Server: Archive integration as read-only mailbox into any e-mail program, for mobile devices via integrated IMAP-server.

Strong export functionalities

MailStore Server is not a one-way street. All e-mails can be restored from the archive at any time and in a standard format (e.g. EML-files in RFC822). This guarantees long term company independance - even from MailStore Server itself.

Premium includes extra support - and extra cost

MailStore Server Premium includes remote maintenance as an addition to Standard services. This comes at an additional cost which is calculated according to which graduated price category you are purchasing. Please contact us for a customized offer or more information.

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