Enhanced layout options for your Act! for more user friendliness

    • Improved user friendliness
    • Target group oriented layout modulation
    • Option for write-protected display area
    • Language options for all shortlists
    • Visuelle Optimierung durch farbige Tabs

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Enhanced user friendliness with LAYOUT|SWITCH

Dynamic layout display

With LAYOUT|SWITCH you can display a dynamic, flexible interface in Act! and thus reduce the workload of data maintenance. The visibility of the respective entry masks can be regulated according to target groups. Every layout can be appointed to categories such as "contact", "company" or "group". This flexibility can be configured on a user, team and role level. Just as well displayed layouts can be defined for contacts, companies, groups and opportunities.

  • Dynamic layouts
  • Additional control elements and optimized list views
  • Additional features for planning activities, checking resource availability and activity sequencing
Furthermore LAYOUT|SWITCH offers additional control elements - such as for example a read-only display as well as options control.

Basic, Standard and Advanced Edition

LAYOUT|SWITCH for Act! is available in three different editions: as Basic version, als Standard and as Advanced edition. The LAYOUT|SWITCH Basic edition already helps you and your employees to handle routine tasks thanks to intuitive usability and automatic display of the right entry mask.

  • BASIC: Enhance user friendliness
  • STANDARD: Additional features and multilingual selection lists
  • ADVANCED: Automatic number allocation, resource availability, activity sequencing with oppertunities
The Standard edition offers important additional features. Company, group and contact lists are exchanged for optimized lists. Many new functions such as filters and adjustments are added to lists. Furthermore you can translate selection lists into various languages and display them according to the user's language settings. LAYOUT|SWITCH's Standard edition brings more security to the table as entry masks and field functions can not be altered by users who do not have the rights. The Advanced edition is interesting for companies that want to automatically link numbers. Furthermore an extended activity dialogue is integrated. That way resources can be checked for availability. Planing activity sequences with oppertunities is also part of the Advanced edition.

Optimize your Act! user interface


Examples from practice: This is how LAYOUT|SWITCH is used


Some examples from practice will illustrate LAYOUT|SWITCH usability options. Do you work in an industry in which you offer both B2B and B2C business and services? Then you have the oppertunity to build a joint database for which you install two different layouts. That way every customer type is appointed to a certain layout with relevant data. The layouts are displayed according to certain defined criteria. This can be done in a similar fashion when you are part of a union in which every union partner varying contact information needs to be recorded. Other distinctive marks are internal versus external, members versus guests, resellers versus suppliers. For portal operators that bring together providers and buyers, solutions such as the ones LAYOUT|SWITCH offers for Act! are advantageous.



Checking resources for availability


Is it important to be able to check resources for availability when planning activities in Act!? Then the Advanced edition is perfect for you. The Act! standard functionality allows you to check availability for other Act! users. With LAYOUT|SWITCH you can check which resources are available for an appointment with an additional activity dialogue.



Dropdown menus in a multilingual environment


Your Act! users speak different languages and you already are displaying interfaces in their respective languages but there is still a need for changes in the dropdown menus? LAYOUT|SWITCH allows you to translate lsit elements into verious languages. Depending on the user’s language setting the according element is displayed. The database is saved in a standard language to allow for queries and evaluation.



Change between display and edit mode


Your act! Users repeatedly have the problem of entering data too fast, which then accidentally ends up in the wrong field? Already important data are overwritten and a return is no longer possible. LAYOUT | SWITCH gives you a control that lets you switch between display mode and edit mode - to protect your data quality.


LAYOUT|SWITCH addon editions

We offer our add-on in the versions BASIC, STANDARD und ADVANCED. Please view the function table below for a detailed view of differences between the editions.

Funktionsunterschiede zwischen den LAYOUT|SWITCH Editions

Automatic display of the right entry mask for contacts, companies or groups
Standard-Act!-users can not switch layouts/ entry masks manually -
Additional options for entry mask display -
Translation of drop-down menus into definable languages -
Control to switch from display to edit mode for the current record (contact, company, group, and / or opportunity) -
Optical visualization with colored tabs -
Activity dialog displays defined fields of linked contacts and/ or companies - -
Company hierarchy - -
Automatic number assignment - -

You can upgrade from one edition to a higher edition at any time. When you upgrade to a higher version (e.g. from BASIC to ADVANCED), the value of the previously bought version is credited, we do however charge 15% upgrade fee. Please contact us for more information.

Online help and FAQ's

Additional help and information on LAYOUT|SWITCH

Online help Knowledgebase FAQ's

Datasheet and information


LAYOUT|SWITCH product broshure

Updates for Act! add-ons

Add-ons for Act! are registered once at the time of installation for the existing version of Act!. As long as you stay with this Act! version the updates for the add-ons are free of charge. We support only the lasted two Act! Versions. Should you choose to switch to a different Act! version please see the following matrix for re-licensing prices of the add-ons. You only pay the percentage of the current sales price.

From Act! Version
  to Act! Version
Act! v17
Act! v18 Act! v19 Act! v20 Act! v21 Act! v22

Act! v21

90 % 60 % 45 % 30 %    

Act! v22

90 % 75 % 60 % 45 % 30 %  

Act! v23

90 % 90 % 75 % 60 % 45% 30%



  • Within 60 days: free upgrade after initial purchase of the next Act! version.
  • Within 90 days: 15 % of current list price for upgrade after initial purchase of an Act! version. (e.g. Act! v18 to Act! v19)


When upgrading from an add-on edition to a higher edition (e.g. from Basic to Advanced), the previously bought version is credited, we do however charge 15% upgrade fee. Please contact us for more information.

Example for update price

Currently you have 5 add-on licences for Act! v17 .
Now you install the Act! v20 update.

The already engaged add-on is not compatible with the new Act! version. You now have to purchase an update of that add-on for all licences.

The price per update licence for the add-on is 60% of the graduated price for 5 licences.

Delivery Delivery as download
System requirements We always support the latest 3 Act! versions
Software type Add-on for Act! / Addon Version

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