KENTIX MultiSensor- RACK

Rack-Monitoring mit intelligenter PDU und Netzanalyse

    • Server-├ťberwachung
    • Echtzeit Messungen
    • Daten├╝bermittlung via AlarmManager

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Monitor your server directly

The MultiSensor comes in different shapes and sizes and is used in vrying places. Server room monitoring is done with the MultiSensor-RF or -LAN. But what about the server itself? Here there are two options, which even can be linked to one another. One of these is the MultiSensor-RACK.

Here the MultiSensor feels everything your server-rack does

Where else would you get accurate measurements for climate changes, vibration and moisture? The MultiSensor-RACK is built right into the server rack and "feels" every change, the the server goes through. The measurement data is sent directly or through one of the little MultiSensores to the AlarmManager, depending on the size of the monitored area. The AlarmManager interprets the data and sounds the alarm should it notice any irregularities and the information is sent to you. You receive real-time information on how your server is doing.

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Hardware type MultiSensor for insertion into server shelf

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