KENTIX KeyPad- Touch

Numeric keypad to to input arming/disarming PIN

    • Control panel with touch
    • 12 buttons
    • Integrated RFID and/or HITAG reader
    • Glas surface
    • PIN-entry to disarm the alarm
    • Individual user PINs

Ready for shipping

588,00 $

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Security starting at the door

Arm and disarm any alarm zones with your personal PIN. You can not remember your PIN? The integrated RFID or dual-reader allows you quick access with your Mifare® or Legic-Advant® key chain. You can define certain key codes to (dis-)arm certain doors, all doors or just one.

Entry documentation

Connect the AlarmManager BASIC or PRO and MultiSensors to document access. These can be viewed and checked via desktop application. Door-opening functions can be linked. The KeyPad-touch is equipped with an RFID-card reader (Mifare®, Legic-Advant®). You can use it with existing entry and time recording systems.

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