KENTIX AlarmManager

KENTIX AlarmManager

Einfache Überwachung von verteilten IT-Räumen mit einem AlarmManager

    • Integriertes GSM Modem
    • E-Mail (SSL) – SNMP Alarm
    • Web-Server, Smartphone APP
    • Funk – Ethernet
    • Bis zu 100 MultiSensoren

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KENTIX alarm central for small and large infrastructure

The AlarmManager collects information from the MutliSensors and can recognize up to 19 dangers and report them via e-mail, text message or SNMP-trap. Place it in your server room or rack and all alarms and fault indications are sent to the right parties. A comfortable PC app configuration is transmitted via LAN. In addition you can access the AlarmManager with a mobile device. The internal log book storage saves all system reports. The AlarmManager-PRO can manage up to 100 MultiSensors and KeyPads. Up to 100 user accounts can be set up as well.


  • Up to 100 MultiSensors can be connected
  • Monitors up to 19 hazards
  • Free PC-app for Windows, MacOS and Linux
  • Integrated web-server with intuitive interface
  • Free smartphone app (Anroid, iOS)
  • Comprehensive SNMP-V2 MIB
  • Text message gateway function for network management systems via HTML (e.g. PRTG, Nagios)
  • Alarms via e-mail (SSL), text message or SNMP-trap
  • Server live-check monitoring for 20 devices
  • SNMP-trap to text message gateway function
  • IP camera controling for 10 cameras
  • VDS2465 protocoll to alarm monitoring center

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