EXPORT|IT for Act!

EXPORT|IT for Act!

Extend Act! export options- full control over how and what data is exported

    • Export all data
    • Export of partial data
    • Export to CSV/XLS format
    • UID for allocation
    • Automatic export*
    • Erweiterte Filteroptionen
    • Data strukture analysis

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Strengthen customer relationships, optimize internal processes: EXPORT|IT

Benefits and editions

When your contact list has reached four or more digits in length it is risky even with the best data management, to attempt a lossless and well structured export. If you have ever tried transferring 10,000 contact records into an Excel-table knows what we are talking about. Our EXPORT|IT add-on, even the basic version, allows you to export contacts including histories and notes without problems. You can even create your own export scheme which you can secure with a password. and utilize various additional features of the professional edition in order to optimize customer relationships and internal processes.

From basic to professional – functions and features for your needs

The Act! add-on EXPORT|IT is available in three editions, each is compatible with Act! software from 2007 upward. The basic edition is a slender software which simplefies export and the integration of elementary data. This version already combines sets of data, that belong together with a UID (unique identification).

Standard-edition with additional filters

With the standard-edition you expand export functionalities to communication data from your customer and sales database. You can export histories, notes, oppertunities as well as products and documents. Choose Wählen Sie hierfür beispielsweise den Excel-Export oder den Export von RTF-Dokumenten. Die Standard-Edition von EXPORT|IT bringt zudem intelligente, einfach zu bedienende Filter mit.

Full version for professionals

Extensive data management is possible with the professional edition. Set up data structures and user defined tables, specify the definition of which data is to be exported, set the final size and benefit from filter options and database analyses.

Ultimate-edition with conditions and virtual fields

With the Ultimate edition you can expand the possible export functions. You can use conditionals to further restrict the data records to be exported. Virtual fields allow the intelligent extension of the output data.

You have configured an export scheme?

Set a name and options, combine the export with Act! and finally save the entire configuration settings. In order to guarantee the safety of your data it is essential for the connection with Act! to be secured with a password. Of course you can delete old schemes any time.

Optimize your data exchange EXPORT|IT

Integrate your systems with data exchange

EXPORT|IT exports all your data from Act! without information loss. Thus your data can be integrated to an ERP- or other system. All required data down to field definitions can easily and quickly be exported from your current Act! database into a CSV or Excel file thanks to EXPORT|IT.

Data quality improvement

An automatized data exchange between your CRM-system Act! and other applications ensures better data quality. Manually copying and pasting bears mistakes, which are avoided using such a tool. One click and an export can be performed. You can already transfer the data in a structured form.

Save time and work effectively

EXPORT|IT and SERVICE|IT work very well together which saves you quite a substantial amount of time. Create individual schemes for data export and let SERVICE|IT carry out the automatized tasks.

EXPORT|IT add-on editions

We offer EXPORT|IT in the editions BASIC, STANDARD and PROFESSIONAL. Please view the Function tablebelow for details on content. A short overview of the main differences can be found in the following table:

Edition Short description
EXPORT|IT BASIC elementary data export
EXPORT|IT STANDARD export of communication data with elementary filter criteria and options
EXPORT|IT PROFESSIONAL export of extensive data with additional filter criteria and options
EXPORT|IT ULTIMATE export of extensive data with conditions and virtual fields

Functional differences between EXPORT|IT editions

Contacts from groups
Secondary contacts
Unique ID's (to link corresponding data sets)
Histories -
Notes -
Activities -
Oppertunities -
Products -
Documents -
Export of matching data (such as activities, histories, notes) to selected superior data sets (such as contacts, companies, groups, oppertunities) -
Simple filters -
Export with/ without RTF-formatting -
Excel export - -
RTF export for Excel - -
Data structures - -
User defined tables - -
Pick lists - -
Exact definition of exported data - -
Selection of exported fields - -
Filter for dates - -
Automatic ** or manual execution - - **
Conditions - - -
Virtual fields - - -


You can upgrade from one edition to a higher edition at any time. When you upgrade to a higher version (e.g. from BASIC to PROFESSIONAL), the value of the previously bought version is credited, we do however charge 15% upgrade fee. Please contact us for more information.

Online help and FAQ's

Additional help and information on EXPORT|IT

Online help Knowledgebase >

Datasheet and information

PDF's on EXPORT|IT for Act!

EXPORT|IT product broshure

Updates for Act! add-ons

Add-ons for Act! are registered once at the time of installation for the existing version of Act!. As long as you stay with this Act! version the updates for the add-ons are free of charge. We support only the lasted two Act! Versions. Should you choose to switch to a different Act! version please see the following matrix for re-licensing prices of the add-ons. You only pay the percentage of the current sales price.

From Act! Version
  to Act! Version
Act! v17
Act! v18 Act! v19 Act! v20 Act! v21 Act! v22

Act! v21

90 % 60 % 45 % 30 %    

Act! v22

90 % 75 % 60 % 45 % 30 %  

Act! v23

90 % 90 % 75 % 60 % 45% 30%



  • Within 60 days: free upgrade after initial purchase of the next Act! version.
  • Within 90 days: 15 % of current list price for upgrade after initial purchase of an Act! version. (e.g. Act! v18 to Act! v19)


When upgrading from an add-on edition to a higher edition (e.g. from Basic to Advanced), the previously bought version is credited, we do however charge 15% upgrade fee. Please contact us for more information.

Example for update price

Currently you have 5 add-on licences for Act! v17 .
Now you install the Act! v20 update.

The already engaged add-on is not compatible with the new Act! version. You now have to purchase an update of that add-on for all licences.

The price per update licence for the add-on is 60% of the graduated price for 5 licences.

Delivery Delivery as download
System requirements We always support the latest 3 Act! versions
Software type Modul of DATA|SUITE Version

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