Data collection and import and automatization in one package

    • FETCH-IT*
    • + 45Min Support
    • Add-ons can be purchased seperately

DATA|SUITE for Act! - Modules per your requirements

DATA|SUITE pro is a combination of:

  • IMPORT|IT: Data import to Act!
  • SERVICE|IT: Automatization of data import to Act!
  • und optional FETCH|IT: Insert e-mail requests and contact information into Act!
DATA|SUITE pro is the introductory package for data management in Act!. DATA|SUITE for Act! combination-packs offer unrestrained functional depth. Furthermore the combination packs are modular: You can extend additional functionality at any time.

Combinations - for your convenience

Your data import requirements exceed Act! CRM-software's standard functions? IMPORT|IT for Act! is the most extensive software to import Data. Choose which edition suits your needs. SERVICE|IT does the work for you. This combinations also offers the optional FETCH|IT module.

Premium Support included

With the DATA|SUITE pro combination pack for Act! you receive 45 minutes of expert Premium Support for free. Benefit from vast know-how directly from the developer.

Here is an overview of our DATA|SUITE combination packages

In order to make the combination options of our data management add-on clearer, we have created a table with the included add-ons in each DATA|SUITE edition. The add-ons can be purchased separately. Simply click on the link in the table below.

Module DATA|SUITE light DATA|SUITE pro DATA|SUITE premium
FETCH|IT optional optional
Premium Support 30 Minutes 45 Minutes 60 Minutes


We will gladly make recommendations for your company. Simply call us +49 8282 800 400 or click on "Get free offer" and send your request via e-mail. Please be aware that our company is located in Germany, depending on where your location is, there may be a delay in the answer due to the time difference.

Online help FAQ's

Additional help and information on DATA|SUITE

Online help Knowledgebase >

Datasheet and information

Updates for Act! add-ons

Add-ons for Act! are registered once at the time of installation for the existing version of Act!. As long as you stay with this Act! version the updates for the add-ons are free of charge. We support only the lasted two Act! Versions. Should you choose to switch to a different Act! version please see the following matrix for re-licensing prices of the add-ons. You only pay the percentage of the current sales price.

From Act! Version
  to Act! Version
Act! v17
Act! v18 Act! v19 Act! v20 Act! v21 Act! v22

Act! v21

90 % 60 % 45 % 30 %    

Act! v22

90 % 75 % 60 % 45 % 30 %  

Act! v23

90 % 90 % 75 % 60 % 45% 30%



  • Within 60 days: free upgrade after initial purchase of the next Act! version.
  • Within 90 days: 15 % of current list price for upgrade after initial purchase of an Act! version. (e.g. Act! v18 to Act! v19)


When upgrading from an add-on edition to a higher edition (e.g. from Basic to Advanced), the previously bought version is credited, we do however charge 15% upgrade fee. Please contact us for more information.

Example for update price

Currently you have 5 add-on licences for Act! v17 .
Now you install the Act! v20 update.

The already engaged add-on is not compatible with the new Act! version. You now have to purchase an update of that add-on for all licences.

The price per update licence for the add-on is 60% of the graduated price for 5 licences.

Delivery Delivery as download
System requirements We always support the latest 3 Act! versions
Software type Add-on combination package Version

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