Data Management

Act! data management: Import, export and automatization

Optimum management of customer data. A variety of systems with customer data is established in almost every company. The data from the different systems naturally needs to be exchanged. Modern data management requisitions are continuously rising: from interface definition to field mapping. For this purpose our add-ons offer many features. Let your computer work for you: import-procedures can be done by IMPORT|IT in combination with FETCH|IT, depending on the requirements. SERVICE|IT automates data import and export from and to Act!. You only need to create a scheme and the work is done automatically.

Depending on what combination of these add-ons is required we have put together packages called DATA|SUITE. Every version contains other add-on combinations:

Add-ons that support automated data exchange

DATA|SUITE light - Automatization of data export from Act! with SERVICE|IT and EXPORT|IT, and additional 30 minutes of premium support

DATA|SUITE pro - Automatize your data export from Act! and data gathering from web forms with SERVICE|IT, IMPORT|IT and optional FETCH|IT, with 45 minutes of premium support

DATA|SUITE premium - Our software package: SERVICE|IT, IMPORT|IT, EXPORT|IT and optional FETCH|IT, with 60 minutes of premium support