Data Consolidation

Data Consolidation

We join several of your Act! databases into one

    • High data integrity
    • Database structure analysis
    • Database structure adoption
    • Avoid data loss
    • Bypass duplicates
    • Create users and teams
    • Professional know-how

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Join CRM-databases

  • At the moment you work with multiple Act! databases?
  • You are losing the general overview?
  • Your wish: a joint database for all departments and divisions?
  • Now you face the challenge of joining your Act! databases?

No problem - we want to help you with that.

Sooner or later so many companies have to face the challenge of joining multiple databases. Thanks to our professional competence and many years of experience with Act!, we can help you to consolidate your data quickly and efficiently. We reduce your workload to a minimum and support you with our expertise.


Functions of a joint Act! database:

  • Comparison and adoption including individual fields, lists and custom tables
  • Review of Act! users and teams as well as creation of these should they not be in the database
  • Takeover of the following data types:
    • Contacts with links to groups and companies
    • Companies
    • Groups
    • Histories with attribution to master data sets
    • Notes with attribution to master data sets
    • Activities with takeover of the planning status
    • Documents
    • Custom tables with structure and data sets

The steps to a central database are simple:

1st step: You create a backup of every database and make these available to us with access data.
2nd step: We perform the database consolidation.
3rd step: You receive a backup of the consolidated database. We will gladly help you import the database to you system.

Please be aware that this product is not software but instead is a one-time consolidation service for two Act! databases. The price is based on two databases, please contact us for pricing of multiple databases. Consolidation is performed on our servers, your data is handled of course kept confidential.


Datasheet and information

PDF's on Data Consolidation

Data Consolidation service broshure

Delivery The data is provided for download in separate files depending on data type.
Product type One-time-service

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