Efficiency by automatizing recurring tasks

The goal is to automatize recurring data exchange workflows from and with Act!. Optimize data import and export processes, save time and reduce errors. Gain time in particular for your most important task: customer contacts!

Depending on the required combination of these add-ons we have put together optimum packages called DATA|SUITE. Each version contains a different add-on combination:

Addons to support automized data movement

DATA|SUITE light - Automated export - SERVICE|IT and EXPORT|IT, additional 30 minutes of Premium Support

DATA|SUITE pro - Automated import and data gathering from web forms - SERVICE|IT, IMPORT|IT and optional FETCH|IT,additional 45 minutes of Premium Support

DATA|SUITE premium - All four add-ons together - SERVICE|IT, IMPORT|IT, EXPORT|IT and optional FETCH|IT, additional 60 minutes of Premium Support