act! Addons

Act! addons - helpful additions to Act! standard functionality

Do your requirements exceed Act!'s standard functionality?

Have you ever wished that Act! could do more for you?

We offer add-ons for Act! that stem from such customer requests. Over time we have implemented new standard expansions. Our add-ons stem from practical use for practical use and have large user numbers. Many new features and functions come from customer wishes. Our add-ons are used word wide and are certified by the developer.
Add-ons are functionality expansions for Act!: Act! still stays updatable and upgradable. We constantly develop our products and adapt to the newest version of the CRM-system.
Every one of our add-ons can be downloaded as a free trial version before purchase. By purchasing a licence you can simply switch from the trial to the full version without having to re-install.

Do you have wishes or ideas for new functions? We are happy to hear about your request and will check if the idea can be realized.