3CX VoIP Telephony Software

3CX VoIP Telephony Software

Voice over IP- telephony over the internet

    • Easy installation
    • Web-based configuration-interface
    • More cost effective than hardware-based telephone system
    • No separate telephone cabeling
    • Telephones use computer-network
    • Allows workplace mobility in the office and at home

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Discover the advantages of software-based VoIP PBX

3cx Phone System for Windows is a software based IP telephone system (PBX) that replaces hardware. The 3CX IP PBX was developed especially for Microsoft Windows and is the cheaper alternative to expand, replace and modernize a telephone system. The advantage is definitely that telephony is completely virtual and is documented with varying systems and especially works with all new Windows systems (Windows 7-10). Above all a connection with Act! CRM is possible in which calls are documented and histories are created.* 

Simple installation and management

Every Windows administrator can install 3CX VoIP-telephone system - without special prior knowledge on VoIP telephone systems or Linux-know-how. Managing the system is conceivably easy as well. Thanks to automatic configuration every common IP-telephone can be used.

  • No special Telko-know-how of training needed
  • Open standards – independent of manufacturer
  • Centralized administration via 3CX-management console
  • Flexible use of common IP-telephones, VoIP-gateways and SIP-trunks

Unlimited mobility of substations

3CX VoIP telephone system is free telephone software (Softphone) for smartphones as well as for Mac OS X and Microsoft Windows. You only pay for the system license. Your employees are reachable on their company phone line anywhere, whether mobile or at their desk. Even on the road phone calls with colleagues are free.

  • Location independent reachability via substation number
  • Free commercial calls – Reduction of mobile costs
  • Higher productivity thanks to mobile work options
  • Confidentiality of private numbers thanks to one-number-concept

* For more information please view our add-on DIAL|IT

The 3CX telephone system editions in comparison

We offer 3CX VoIP-telephone sysrem in the editions STANDARD and PRO. The exact differneces can be viewed on the functions table below.

Functional differences between 3CX VoIP-telephone system editions

Software-based VoIP-telephony
Works with iOS & Android clients
Integrated video conferencing via WebRTC
Use of existing IT-infrastructure & server hardware
High-performance queue
CRM* & ERP integratable
Click-to-call on your webseite
Use of popular IP-telephones**, SIP-trunks
Integration with Unified-Messaging-functionality from Microsoft Exchange Server 2013
Monitoring of queue-call status -
Centralized management of Log-in and -out of queue workers -
Time logging for queue worker log-in and -out -
Live-display of queue and call statistics -
Warning when defined queue time is exceeded -
Additional call transfer options -

* Please view our add-on DIAL|IT for Act!

** We recommend this hardware


Online help and FAQ's

Additional help and information on 3CX

Online help Webinars FAQ's

Delivery Delivery as download
System requirements Server must run on Microsoft Windows (7,8)
Software type Software for telephone integration

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